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International Stewardship Forum

Issues and Options Paper

The International Stewardship Forum was held in Sydney from 4-6 April 2018. With over 130 participants and 13 international speakers, the Forum provided a unique opportunity for participants to gather practical insights from product stewardship and extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs across a broad range of products and substances.

The Forum involved two days of presentations and discussion, followed by a workshop on the final day with select stakeholders to discuss the key learnings and implications for Australian Government policy.

The positive feedback from participants about the value they gained from the Forum, including new knowledge and personal connections, has reinforced the value of these types of events. The Global Product Stewardship Council is now developing more regular international events, to be run in collaboration with some of the organisations who participated in the Forum.


International speakers

Key themes

  • Overview of international landscape and practical implications for Australia
  • Best practice policies and programs
  • The business case for product stewardship (corporate perspective)
  • Engagement and facilitation
  • The future of product stewardship: issues and opportunities (incl. circular economy)

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